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Why Paynetworx..?

We’re in retail payments

Paynetworx Retail are a specialist Merchant Services business where great customer service is everything.  Merchants – old and new are coming to us because we actually care.  We’re not a faceless corporate machine where small merchants are just an annoyance.

We won’t ignore you – we’ll move heaven and earth if that’s what it takes.

We listen to you.

We can offer merchants great rates, very favourable terms, great terminals and an exceptional customer experience – all of which we’re very proud. Payments is an industry where bad news travels fast.

So when merchants come to us frustrated by their incumbent processor we listen to their grievance.

Our intention right from the get-go is to do it better; to get you – the merchant – set up quickly.

No stones left unturned. 

Yes, there’s checks we have to do. No shortage of legal documentation in payments world – but it is for everyone’s peace of mind…for you, for us, for your customer too and for your bank.

Some merchants do pass with flying colours and some need help from our dedicated team to help make it happen.

A few don’t pass muster but we’ll always explain why that is – and what you might be able to do to rectify it. No stones left unturned.

Acquirers & Payment Processors

Ok, we admit it! We’re part of a bigger organisation. Along side us, there’s Paynetworx Group Limited, also UK based. They are UK Acquirers licensed by the FCA no. 900355 as electronic money issuers and handle the bigger ticket eCommerce customers. Group also drive the marketing and digital side of all Paynetworx businesses.

And then there’s are colleagues in the US – that’s Paynetworx LLC. Our team in the US drive the processing ‘Engines’ that power the new cloud-based platform. They also develop new products as well as support all our US based customers.

The global Paynetworx offer to all our customers – across all our businesses – is formidable. It’s a growing group powered by the irresistible enthusiasm from our founder and founding team which is spreading throughout the industry – but in a good way.

What that means for our merchants is – we’ve been around the block and we know what’s what. As acquirers we can beat many (if not all) deals on terminals and processing. We’ve worked hard to maintain our commercial relationships with our terminal suppliers. Above all we have and we continue to work hard to make – and keep – all our customers happy…with our global service. We will go that extra mile.

Paynetworx: a refreshing alternative to the BIG players

This business is full of acronyms and jargon. The phrases disruptors, agile, omnichannel are just a few of the fashionable expressions thrown around. But, what do they actually mean?

Do they apply to Paynetworx? Well, yes they probably do.

If disruption means rocking the boats of age old establishments that take months to deliver at enormous cost then yes, that’s us! We work fast for you and our skills and services are geared around speedy response times.

Are we agile? Yes again – we can twist and turn efficiently and effortlessly to make the right things happen for our merchants – new and old. Our systems are designed to be very adaptable. We know one size does not fit all – especially when it comes to aspects like reporting for example. So bespoke solutions are second nature to us. We provide technology that fits your business – not the other way around.

And Omnichannel as well? A much bandied catch-all word supposedly covering everything but actually explains nothing. Under the hood it means routes to market for merchant. And by this – in our world – that means internet, eCommerce, terminals, POS and more. In short better faster ways to take payments.  That’s the DNA of Paynetworx. That’s a breath of fresh air.

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