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Desktop, Mobile & Portable terminals. Confused..?

Which is right for you?


As a merchant you need a method to take payment. And it has to do everything you need it to. Broadly there’s three specific types: Desktop, Mobile & Portable. Yes – there’s others but these are the primary types.

So which is right for you?

All the terminals we supply are feature rich – that’s a given – some are more expensive than others, some are aimed at smaller budgets. We can advise you – and you may be presently surprised that our recommendation may not be the most expensive top-of-the-range.

We partner three terminal manufacturers – Ingenico, PAX and Castles. They’re all good terminals for sure – but there may be situations where your customers expect to see a better solution in front of them or one that is more design aware, slicker & oozes quality. We have it covered.

But take a few moments to have a look at some of our favourite machines – that we know do the business for our customers. 

Any questions..?  We’re all ears.

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Our technology partners in Terminals

Ingenico is a France-based company, whose business is to provide the technology involved in secure electronic transactions.

Its traditional business is based on the manufacture of point of sale (POS) & payment terminals but it also includes complete payment software and related services as well as software for merchants.

PAX Technology is a leading global manufacturer of payment terminals, PIN pads and Point of sale hardware and software. The company is headquartered in Shenzhen and operates in 5 global regions – EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa), LATAM, USA, China, and Asia Pacific.

Castles Technology Co., Ltd is a leading global provider of innovative, secure and affordable payment solutions for financial, retail, hospitality and transportation sectors.

Headquartered in Taiwan the business began in 1993 and has grown to be a global provider in the US, Europe, Middle East, Japan, China & Singapore.

**Castles now own Spire.


Ingenico Desk 3500

Counter-top workhorse. Trusted by thousands of merchants! Chip & Pin, Contactless, eWallets are all payment methods with the Desk 3500. It’s PCI-PTS 4.X ready and is powered by Ingenico’s Telium Tetra OS – so the latest crypto graphical features are all available in this future-proof device.

Key features:
• Smartcard
• Magstripe
• Security PCI PTS 4.x
• Contactless
• Connectivity – 3G/GPRS
• 2.8″ backlit colour display

Our verdict: Great sturdy power-house of reliability. Less features than the Desk 5000 but handles all the contemporary payment methods. Just doesn’t have wi-fi, sadly or 4G connectivity. Ingenico are missing a trick there. But if you need a hard wired solution via fast ethernet then this is definitely worth considering – it does have EMV Chip & PIN and Contactless of course.

Download the specification now.

Ingenico Move 3500

For the business of sales on-the-go the Move 3500 is designed for mobility indoor and outdoor. Pocket sized with an extended battery life as well. It’s PCI-PTS 4.x certified and is packed with other clever business apps. Contactless payments & WiFi (and Bluetooth) & 3G.

Key features:
• Smartcard
• Magstripe
• Security PCI PTS 4.x
• Contactless / EMV Chip & PIN / Swipe
• Connectivity – WiFi/Bluetooth/3G/GPRS
• 3.2″ backlit colour display 320 x 240 pixels

Our verdict: We like this one! The Move 3500’s Telium Tetra OS uses the latest cryptographic features for future proofing. It amply handles all the eWallets out there and its extended battery life makes it a great must have for merchants on-the-go.Well worth checking this out. Better still, call us now!

Download the specification now.

PAX A920

…allegedly this terminal started the quiet revolution of sleek white terminals  with brilliant HD Touch screens making the customer feel more like they are using a tablet than a tiny terminal screen. The A920 is feature packed, powered by Android 7.1 and does pretty much everything you’d expect…and more. It can run loyalty programmes and be wired into full enterprise EPOS systems. That’s impressive!

Key features:
• Android 7.1 OS
• Contactless, Chip & PIN, MagStripe
• Advanced security
• Durable backlit keyboard
• Connectivity – WiFi / 4G / B’tooth
• 5″ HD Touch screen

Our verdict: This terminal is pitched firmly at at the hospitality, retail & transportation sectors. It is very stylish & sleek; if image is important to you & your business then this may well be the terminal for you. Call us for more information!

Download the specification now.

Castles Vega 3000

Newly designed the Vega 3000P offers multifunctions designed for business users. A solid workhorse offers hard wired Ethernet and USB connectivity and accepts all the main payment types – magstripe,contact & contactless.

Key features:
• secure Linux based OS
• Magstripe
• PCI PTS 4.x/ EMV Contactless L1/Contact L2
• Optional Touch availability
• Expandable memory to 256mb RAM
• 3.5″ Colour TFT LCD 320 x 480 pixels

Our verdict: A firm favourite of our customers. An attractive unit packed with functionality the Vega 3000 countertop is lightning fast for processing yet compact enough to go with you wherever your shop pops up! Built to last, this is an ideal secure, reliable device that will exceed your payment expectations.  

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Download the specification now.

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