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One way or another you’ve found Paynetworx!

That means you may well be a merchant looking for a great deal on card terminals. Well, you are in the right place and you just took a big leap forward towards better profits!

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We put you first. Always.

Everything you need to know to about us is on this page. You can dive deeper into Paynetworx by following the links – and we’d love you to do that! – but let’s assume you’re time poor and need a great deal on card terminals.

Acquirers & Processors. Really?

Paynetworx are FCA authorised in the UK. We acquire. We process.

We can offer better rates* – and we’re wired up with all the major card brands. And we’re all about terminals too. Did we mention that?

*subject to our terms/conditions.

Cards are king…not cash, anymore.

We’re all about Terminals. Not Airports – card payment terminals! Terminals have many names – PDQs, POS terminals, Purchase End-points (yes – it’s a new one), EFTPOS…and more.

In our world, they are Terminals.

Now, let’s talk Terminals.

Terminal technology is changing rapidly. You need to make the right decisions to get the best tech for the money which won’t become an ‘antique’. Well, we have the knowledge and the know-how to help you decide. Our range of options suits all budgets & needs – and we’ll talk you through the features of the one’s you’re interested in.

We’re confident we’ll have the right one for you – and it’s not always top-of-the-range.

We’ll make sensible suggestions for you – if you’d like us to. Based on our real-world knowledge of the market. If you’re not 100% happy with our technology we know you probably won’t stay with us or buy more from us. That’s no good for you or us. Whether it’s counter top, portable and mobile terminals – we can walk you through the process.

And if you’re looking for  POS systems that scale as your business grows… – just call us now!

Flexible countertop  Castles Vega 3000

An ideal, secure & reliable device at a great price!

• Exceptional performance
• Touch screen + NFC reader
• Large backlit keys
• Safe and secure Linux platform

Download the specification now

Smart Workhorse

PAX A920

Elegant and stylish device that your customers will love!

• Powered by Android
• Advanced connectivity
• Multimedia performance
• Brilliant HD touch screen

Download the specification now

Payments on the go

Ingenico Move 3500

Best in class, pocket sized portable terminal, future compliant too.

• PCI-PTS 4 ready security
• NFC, EMV Chip & Pin, Swipe, Contactless
• Maximised network availability
• Telium Tetra OS

Download the specification now

Merchants often ask us..

..What are the real benefits of countertop terminals.?

Card Payment technology is a fast moving space. You don’t want to get left behind and you don’t want to be tied to a dinosaur machine. Well, we have the expertise to help you decide. We carry a good range of options and we will talk you through the features of the one’s you’re interested in.

We’ll also tell you which one we believe is right for you – and frequently it is not top-of-the-range* and why.

*We can make recommendations for you too if you’d like us to.

After all, if you’re not happy with our technology you’re unlikely to stay with us or buy more from us. That’s no good for you or us.

We can source and supply counter top, portable and mobile terminals & POS systems that scale as your business grows… just get in touch with us now.

You avoid lost sales.

Your customer might be cash poor but with a card (and sufficient credit) they can purchase from you – often on impulse!

Improved cashflow.

Settlement is quick with funds paid directly to your bank account. No cheques to clear; less hard cash to count & bank.

Take advantage of WiFi.

With all the main network connectivity options available now – Wifi is by far the most flexible and cheapest.

Peace of mind.

Our card terminals are supplied with the latest compliant payment security software installed to protect our customers.

Cash is in decline.

With so many ways to pay – Chip & Pin, Contactless, Over-the-phone etc…be ready as cash continues to be less popular.

Customer convenience.

Customers will always choose the payment method that best suits them. Card transactions are screened reducing fraud too.

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